Standing Up

Fighting antisemitism and defending Israel

I will:

  • campaign fearlessly against antisemitism and work with other communal organisations, as well as non-Jewish groups;
  • fight BDS and all attempts to delegitimise the state of Israel;
  • combat antisemitism in the context of anti-Israel discourse;
  • support the work of the Union of Jewish Students to ensure every campus is a safe place for Jewish students;
  • play a constructive role in the national fight against political extremism;
  • defend our right to practice Brit Milah, Shechita and Kashrut in the face of mounting challenges;
  • build on my relationships with government ministers, politicians and local government leaders to advocate on behalf of the Jewish community;
  • provide support to regional and isolated communities by creating regional advocacy hubs with their own budgets. These hubs will hold quarterly away days in order to better develop strategies to combat regional antisemitism.

Our fundamental Jewish traditions, from Milah to Shechita, are under an unprecedented attack.
Our community needs an advocate to stand up for our traditions and to defend our human rights.