Standing Out

Celebrating Jewish life across the UK


In my first three years I have stood up and:

✔ Ensured that Jewish interests have not been ignored during the Brexit debate and process

✔ Led and supported the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, including highlighting Jewish mortality rates and working tirelessly
to create Covid-compliant ways to grieve and sustain our Jewish way of life

✔ Maintained close relations with all the denominations and worked with the Haredi community throughout, leading to the election of the Board’s first Haredi Deputy in decades

✔ Taken seriously the concerns and needs of Jews of Colour, setting up The Commission on Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish community, chaired by Stephen Bush

✔ Arranged the flagship event for the Jewish community with HRH The Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace


In my next three years I will:

● Guide our community through the Covid-19 pandemic, and beyond, including organising a national Jewish Remembrance event to collectively grieve for our disproportionate losses

● Continue to take a leading role in the Jewish community’s relationship with different faith and ethnic groups

● Digitalise our outreach educational and heritage projects to provide a virtual exhibition across the UK

● Tackle climate change through expanding the eco-synagogue project


The British Jewish community is a phenomenal success story.
For over 250 years the Board of Deputies has stood up for the Jewish way of life.