Standing For

Making the Board relevant to the Jewish community

I will:

  • establish a Patron system to assist the Board with fundraising;
  • launch a youth engagement strategy including the establishment of an annual youth plenary session. One of my priorities will be to help to develop the next generation of Deputies;
  • increase the Executive by 3 members to ensure that under-represented groups have a voice and enhance the role of the Gender Equality Officer;
  • extend the speaking time limit at plenary meetings to 3 minutes so as to give everyone a fair chance. Additionally, a binding vote will be held on the seating plan at plenary meetings;
  • hold debates at plenary meetings: for example, in relation to the recent organ donation issue. This will make the Board THE place to debate the key issues of the day;
  • ensure that all meetings of the Board, whether plenary, executive or division meetings, are conducted courteously, with diversity of opinion being respected;
  • adopt a listening and consultative approach, including a monthly presidential Questions and Answers surgery.

As the current Vice President who chairs the Defence and Interfaith Relations Division,
I have travelled the UK, reaching out to every corner of our community
to fight antisemitism, defend Israel and promote interfaith work.