About Marie

Every day I am reminded of the strength, talent and altruism of British Jews.

I have stood tall as a Jew since my Orthodox childhood in Redbridge, where I taught cheder classes at Wanstead and Woodford United Synagogue, attended Bnei Akiva and enthusiastically participated in the JLGB.

I have also stood up for others throughout my career, working as a leading employment lawyer against inequality and discrimination. Throughout decades of client advocacy I have acted for charities, organisations, vulnerable individuals and other faith groups.

As a young mother I stood up to cancer and remain involved with a support group at West London Synagogue where my family are active members of the community. Likewise, I am proud to be a member of my local Orthodox synagogue in Mill Hill.

That is why I stood up to become the Vice President for Defence and Interfaith Relations (2015 – 2018) and then to serve as your President for
the last three years…

In a changing world, the next few years will be vital for our community.
I look at my two daughters and know that we must secure the future for the next generation.